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    By Owen 10/10/2013

    I work in the security industry and tend to be on my feet frequently during my working hours. The boots that i am reviewing have been an absolute lifesaver for me.
    I have been cursed with foot problems, for quite a few years now and could never find a boot suitable to 1) help me manage my feet adequately and 2) stand up to the adverse weather conditions, that frequent the area of Scotland that i live in.
    The boots come with a magnum MPACT sole as standard which provides you with a shock absorbtion and moisture wicking quality. I tend to suffer with sore feet and extremely sweaty feet, so this was a godsend.
    The boot has an active contour, which when you first put them on could easily be mistaken for putting on your slippers.
    There is a fast roping system for tying and untying your shoes, so you can get ready instantly.
    It has a polish friendly toecap for those special occasions and is made of material that make it extremely waterproof and light.
    I have had them for nearly a year and they look and feel as if i have just taken them out of the box.
    I would highly recommend this boots for the appearance, comfort, quality, durability as well as price.
    For anybody that suffers with foot problems and works in any industry where they tend to be on their feet frequently, give these boots a whirl and you won`t ever look back.

    I guarantee that you will not be sorry!

    Enjoy your Boots



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