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  • Elite Force 8.0 WPi Size 12 **Week 6 Review**

    By DTM 22/03/2010

    Ok, I have lived in these for 6 weeks now and they are still very comfortable. Normally after several hours in work, on my feet, twisting and turning, walking and running, my feet are knackard. I can honestly say that my feet are not desperate to get out. These boots have definately been built with comfort in mind. They are solid they are the mean machines of boots. I could go on and on about how good they are. The Ion-Mask is one feature that really does the boots proud, they stay so easily clean and dry. I am nearly at the point where I don't think about what I walk in, or how I walk. I know I have the support around the ankle, the lightweight design make it easier to forget I actually have them on and they look good. I would genuinely recommend these boots, I genuinely would. They may not be the cheapest but lets be honest you are on your feet all the time, its well worth the money.


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