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  • Elite Force WPi - Just arrived!
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    By Johnathan 02/03/2011

    Well, i finally got round to ordering my very own pair of Magnum's Elite Force 8.0 WPi's. First impressions.....

    - Great Aesthetics: Provides an immediate authoritive presence
    - Strong feel and looks as durable as claimed in the product description.
    - Lightweight
    - Comfortable: Supports the ankle well and hugs the foot.
    - New Boot Smell(!!)

    Glad to see that the lace rings are in the form of plastic hoops as a previous grumble when i reviewed the Elite Spider 8.0 was that the metal rings were too sharp and continually wore down laces.

    So far, pretty happy with the product and as previously stated in other reviews, i'm not one to shy away from the extra cost when the product is long lasting and comfortable.

    Looking forward to the 1400 hours start of shift to check out the operational front! - I'll be back ;)


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