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  • re doing my review

    By nathan 23/01/2011

    Right the first thing i will start up with the boots have a good sturdy feeling. I wear boots all the time even when i am not working i use them on the motorbike when out for a ride and going to and from work so they do have a good challenge with all weather left hand boot is loosing its shine but right one is still shiny when i do a good polish mostly every day inner soles are very smelly now have to spray them all the time backing of the boot in the back ancle the material on both boots had ripped within 2 months of wearing but i made due with quiet abit of plack tape to smooth the plastic rubbing on my ancle grate laces strong and long lasting great grip and i have tested on alot of surfices i think i might have to look for some more boots soon like there new spiders they have dust brought out but the price is alot so another make of boots it might be :( from a manchester security officer


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