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  • 3 Months review

    By Oggie 21/01/2011

    Now been using these boots for 3 months or so, and I can honestly say they are the best boots I've ever owned.

    Now that the worst of the winter has been and gone I can report on how these fair up against the rain, snow, ice, cold and horrible road salt.

    In the rain there pretty darn good keep your feet nice and dry due to the WPi protection. Not one time did I have to swap boots or socks due to leaks which is impressive for a boot that hasn't got a membrane waterproofing and has got some pretty deep scuffs.

    The snow if anything it handles even better. The nice high tops give you good protection when walking through the white stuff. Snow doesn't even attempt to try sticking to the Ion Mask coating. This keeps your your boots lighter and your feet warmer.

    The sole pattern grips pretty good on the ice obviously and long as it isn't black ice or mega compacted ice. The Vibram density of course helps as well make them stick to the otherwise very slippery stuff. Whilst I'm on the subject of the sole I'll say that they are holding up very well. In my job you can wear a pair of decent boots through in a year or less. These however I can see lasting for a lot longer than that.

    In the extreme cold I will admit there not the warmest of boot's due to the fact they don't have any sort of Thinsulate insulation but on a more positive note this is a good thing because you will find that with insulated boots you will sweat at any temperature above 0°C which means that although these boots might not work on top of Mt. Everest they will take you through winter as long as your sensible and wear thick good quality socks and then when summer comes you can change the socks and keep on using them.

    The horrible nasty road salt is normally notorious for being harsh on footwear especially leather, and I'm sure that a normal Gore-Tex boot would be in a lot worse of a condition in terms of leather. However and this is a big however the Elite Force's Ion Mask blocks all of the salt out and all they need is a wipe down and in my personnel preference a polish and they look as good as new. Weeks of trudging through a salty, slushy mess and the leather is showing no signs of deterioration.

    One more thing I would like to say is well done magnum for making the best insoles in the world I absolutely love them. They are cleverly designed to have different foam density's on different parts of the foot and while I know other brands do make insoles like these there always after market one that have a terrible fit in the boot and so quickly make your feet hurt. The magnum one's though are fitted specifically for the Elite Force boots which make them more comfortable than my slippers.

    That's about all I can say for now I think. Possibly looking to get either the Elite Spider 8.1 desert's or the Elite Sidewinder desert's in the summer depending on finance for when i do training exercises in desert kit but we'll have to see so look out for any reviews on them.


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