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  • Steve E - MSIS & MIST
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    By Steve 19/01/2011


    Pathogene resistant
    Alcohol resistant
    No slip on wet metal surfaces (unless highly polished)
    Full leather uppers
    No puddle penetration and down pour seepage (heavy rain)
    Quick dry from river ingress on excercise
    No watermarkings (salt lines)
    Easy polish
    Non 'squeeky'
    Quick moulding to feet contours
    Don't get 'heavy' on the feet on long periods of use


    First 7 days of use caused blisters to the heels from the stitching at the bottom of the heel, 3 pairs of socks cured that though.

    I have put these boots through their paces, literally. They have done in excess of 18,000 miles and the tread has hardly worn down. No seal issues during this time and such a pleasure to walk in, train in and work in. They have had HE Testing in Afghanistan and were not removed for a full 168 hrs and no odours upon removal - I did spray them with some good quality foot spray prior to this. They then travelled to South Africa where they did some more intense workouts using varying terrains from sand (a lot coarser than the middel east) to river, forest and mountain to Norway's coast and then back to the UK & the Isle of man where they tested in excessive snow and temperatures. The ranges of temperatures were from - 27 degrees to + 40 degrees and my not one issue. Feet were at a good temperature no matter what the weather conditions. The grip was superb.


    Aprt from the stitching issue, I would recommend these to any security specialist in the field. They are the equivalent to the N.I Patrol Boot (Slippers) for comfort and stealth on approach to vector point, Ace for surveillance both in HE & LE environments. The 'Officers' perfect footwear for the role of the professional/expert.

    Rating: 9.9/10


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