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  • One year on... 'Elite Force 8.0 WPi'
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    By Johnathan 21/03/2012

    From my previous, and first impressions review of the 'Elite Force 8.0 WPi' that i posted at the beginning of March 2011 i was already satisfied i had made the right choice sticking with Magnums having just purchased them
    - one year on and am i still happy?!

    Answer: ...YES!

    Recapping on the points i listed from my first impressions, the Elite Force 8.0WPi boots were well worth the cost due to their robust and durable construction, which so far have held up to the demands of front line policing.
    I'd estimate i've worn them for somewhere in the region of 1500 hours since i first slipped them on and to date i am delighted to say there are no rips or tears and the lightweight build has been nothing less than a blessing.
    In relation to comfort, these haven't let me down either allowing me to carry out routine duties without grumbling. I'm sure you'd agree the last thing any officer on the front line needs during a weekend foot patrol is the
    mind-numbing distraction of rubbing or pinching boots.

    Breathability has however been sacrificed with the 'Elite Force 8.0 WPi, ultimately due to the extent of waterproofing in the design, which i can understand. This obviously leads to higher sweat levels, but to be protected
    at such a level from fluids you cannot expect for your feet to be ventilated to the same extent of a pair of 'Spiders' for example.

    To date, i'm still using the same laces sent with the boot, which has been a previous grumbling of mine as i found that sharply edged, metal lace hoops wore down the laces leading to them eventually fraying and snapping.

    I remain confident that Magnum will continue to be my manufacturer of choice and would urge others to try the product. There are plenty designs available to choose from so just look for what seems right for you.

    One year on, but will they last another? Lets hope so. It's looking good so far.


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