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  • No video - yet; but lots of bad weather!!!!!!!!

    By Paul 04/02/2010

    In my last review I apologised for not uploading a video; and I'm still sorry - no video with this one either!!

    I also hoped for a bit of inclement weather so that I could put my boots through their paces. So, we've had a couple of weeks of ice and snow (up to 18 inches in some parts).
    Throughout all of it my feet have stayed warm and dry. As the boots are uninsulated, I was a little concerned that I'd get frostbite and lose toes and things because of the cold, (as most of my colleauges using the uninsulated Patrol boots were constantly complaining of cold/numb toes and feet), I felt warm and comfortable throughout my night shifts; even the one when the temp dropped to minus 15!!!!!!

    I'll try and get a video on my next review; or at least a photo!


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