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  • Elite Force 8.0 WPi Size 12

    By DTM 07/02/2010

    First impressions;
    First Impressions were that they seemed like space boots. The heels/Soles appear chuncky. There is plenty of padding especially around the ankle which I like. The laces appear very strong so good to see that these wont snap in a hurry.

    Boots On;
    I had plenty of room inside to breathe, there is adaquate support for the ankle area. I am used to the mid length boots so I had protection well above the ankle. These cover the ankle well and are very well padded, which I believe will help when using your foot on the pedals in the car, giving you room to move.

    The laces feed through nicely on lace loops, when I say this, I mean they don't get snagged or jammed and when you pull them, they tighten. Souds stupid I know but I have had plenty of Magnums where you pull the laces to tighten and they get jammed on the many lace loops.

    The grip looks damn good! I am impressed with the grip that goes up the back of the heel. Why? Think about when your driving and its been raining or you have been outside in a puddle, the heel of the boot is the first thing that slips and when your driving at speed, you have no time for errors caused by slippery boots. So its good to see these have been added. The sole is designed by VIBRAM which are known world leaders in high performance when it comes to soles and grips. Its reassuring to see these 2 great companies have teamed together. As always the sole is oil & slip resistant.

    Pro's -
    Impressive, breatheable and strong

    Bulky, higher sole, appear to look like space boots.

    Above review is based on initial views and comfort. Further reviews will start on how the boots perform out on the job and their all round performance. Opinions may/will change as the boots are tested.


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