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  • Elite Force 8.0 WPi Size 12 **Week 1 Review**

    By DTM 14/02/2010

    Well, I said I would be honest.............Having worn these for a week now I am impressed!. The first couple of days were 50/50, the boots were uncomfortable where they rested below my calf. It was tender from the thickness of the padding. The padding was hard but can happily say once they are broken in, they softened up and are now very comfortable.
    I was obtimistic at first due to the size of them but I have taken a shine to the boots. They have not really been tested fully, but have been used mainly for walking around and general comfort. My feet feel very comfortable, secure and are not tired after a long shift. The inner soles certainly help.
    Overall after week one - Very comfortable having needed a few days to settle in, they feel beefy but damn good and feel like they are the 'boss' of boots. When I originally said they looked like space boots, they do, but look normal with the correct trousers, i.e combats. I feel safe in the boots because they are built like a tank and no matter what I walk in, I know it doesn't matter.
    I love the strength of the laces, very strong, no messing.
    They are breathable and feel right
    **So far so good**


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