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  • Elite Force 8.0 WPi Size 12 **Week 2 Review**

    By DTM 21/02/2010

    I have now officially broken into the boots and am starting to feel the benefits. Last night I was out walking around varied terrain, through fields, uneven roads/paths, up and down steps and most of all in the thick of snow.
    I was amazed, genuinely amazed at how dry my feet were and how warm. I have worn other boots that claim to keep you feet warm in the cold and never really did so. These boots did not let me down, whilst I was searching for someone, getting concerned to the weather conditions, I genuinely said to myself "These boots are bloody good and warm"
    The boots have become very comfortable, almost like having trainers on, but with added comfort and cosy.
    I am extremely impressed with the waterproof of the boot. Again plenty of boots claim to be waterproof but must not be to a high quality, where as these boots, probably helps with the comfort and heat. The snow just fell of my boots, where as my colleagues were building up and becoming colder. The water, having stood in a few inch puddles, did not even bother the boots, and as soon as I pulled my foot out of the puddle the boot looked bone dry.
    Along with the waterproof texture, the maintanence of the boot is second to none. I had mood on my boots, very small bits whereas my previous boots would be caked in them. The dirt does not tend to stick, and just falls off, the very little mark that did, wiped straight off without any problem and was instantly clean again.

    So far I am very impressed, I am becoming more impressed as the weeks go on and as the boots are being tested more.
    Would I recommend these boots - Yes!

    More reviews to follow to see if the boots keep raising the bar!


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