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  • What a surprise!


    Several months ago I got a package in the mail from Magnum. It contained a pair of boots for me to review (see my other reviews) and a surprise -- a... See More

  • This boot really surprised me!


    My account about the Magnum Work Pro Ultra’s in brown, as of 06/01/2011. I believe that brown is the only color they come in at least as of this... See More

  • Get one... this jacket is great!


    Been wearing one of these jackets for the last three or four months. I have worn it while riding my motorcycle and it cuts the wind dramatically.... See More

  • Good Alone or Under Other Shirt


    I have worn the Cardio L/S shirt quite often over the last two or three months. It is great as just a shirt to go running or work around the house... See More

  • Feels Like a Running Shoe...


    As a new member of the Official Field Tester group, I was offered a pair of boots from the program for free. Magnum was temporarily out of the... See More

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  • I Wear them 7 Days a Week!


    I have several pairs of Magnums, some with the side zip, some all weather lined waterproof and even a nicer (at least I try to keep them that way) of... See More

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I have been buying and wearing Magnum boots for many years. I started wearing some of their tactical clothing about 3 years ago. While I have worn other brands of boots in the past, Magnums are now my go to boot there is none better!
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