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  • Excellent and comfortable


    These socks are comfortable for duty style wear, or for casual wear. They are well-cushioned for all day wear, as well as breathable on top of the... See More

  • Excellent shirt; built to last


    This shirt is built very well; I like the way it is sewn together, as well as the fabric choice. It is durable to wear, but not obtrusive. The shirt... See More

  • Update


    I have been using these shoes as an everyday shoe for the last few weeks. They have proven themselves in a casual environment and for sport since I... See More

  • An excellent casual shoe!


    These shoes are built for comfort and durability. The uppers are solid, but comfortable. They are durable, but they breathe with your foot to allow... See More

  • Excellent value for the money!!


    These boots hold every possible feature that one would want; whether for work around the house, or for any other possible place where only the safest... See More

  • Very Nice!!


    I just got this jacket and tested it. It has all of the storage anyone would need, whether it is for duty use in an emergency field, or whether it be... See More

  • Excellent Wear All Around


    This shirt is smooth as silk while being as durable as any heavy cotton. The shirt breathes along with the skin, allowing for freedom of movement... See More

  • Another Superlative Product!!!


    I was given these boots to be reviewed by Magnum, and I thought I was lucky just to have won; however, I had no idea what I was in for. I wore these... See More

  • These Boots saved me!!


    I had these boots since I bought them a few years ago. They were designed slip resistant and oil resistant. I was wearing them during an incident... See More

  • Outstanding quality for the price!!


    These boots have served me well over the years. I have been buying Magnum Response 8' boots ever since I took a security job in Atlanta, GA in 1995.... See More

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  • Magnum 6


    I bought a pair of Magnum 6' viper boots in 2005. I used them as a weekend pair until my 8' boots finally gave out (after 4 years!!). I was wearing... See More

  • Excellent Service!


    I have been a customer of Magnum since 1995 when I was a security enforcement officer in Atlanta, GA. Over that time I have gone through surprisingly... See More

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I am currently a truck driver in the Toledo Ohio area; however, I have also been a trainer, done LEO work, and am former military. I like Magnum because I believe in products where the entire company stands behind them.
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