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  • Security Officer Heathrow

    By Mark 08/05/2010

    I bought a pair of Patrol Boots with the side zip because of easy access when going through the Metal Detectors at work. I could have worn my issue shoes/boots but much prefer the added ankle support given by my Magnums. I wear these boots 4 days on then have 2 days off. Even on my days off I wear them for about 2 hours whilst I go for a walk around the training area outside my house. The Magnums tend to last me about 6 months which I think is great for a pair off boots that get so much wear. I have no problems in recommending these type of boots to my work friends. Only downside at the moment is my local stockist takes a little time to supply as I live in a garrison town and have to beat the squaddies to the shop before they are sold out.


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