How It Works

What is Field Testers?

Here at Magnum we want to let you do the talking! The purpose of Field Testers is to allow YOU - our customer - the opportunity to tell it like it is. By providing us with more information about what you think about our products, we can create better products for you - our customers!

How to leave a great review

Once you have registered as a Field Tester, you are encouraged to leave reviews for products you have had some experience with. You can leave a written review, photo, video from YouTube or all three!

A few points to consider when leaving a review:

  • How long have you been wearing the product you're reviewing, and for what activites?
  • What do you think of the product?
  • What are your favorite features?
  • Is the product of good value?
  • How does the boot stand up to the elements?
  • What can we do better?

Be descriptive! Ultimately, your review will help other customers make purchasing decisions, as well as help the Magnum product team develop better products in the future.

Take a look at Lee's example of a great review here

Please note: Only genuine reviews & Testimonials will be approved and featured on the site.

How do I recieve a free Field Testers T-Shirt?

Our Magnum team will go through each and every review that is submitted and we will be sending out free Field Testers T-Shirts to those who we think have done a great job of giving us feedback (positive and negative).

Please note: Only genuine reviews will be approved and featured on the site.

How Do I become an Official Field Tester?

Field Testers who leave in-depth, interesting and detailed reviews will have the opportunity to become an Official Field Tester, and earn free boots from Magnum. Each Field Tester will have visible stats, including the number of visits, number of reviews, plus number of videos and photos. Active members of this community will be selected by the Magnum team to become an Official Field Tester.

Things to remember

After you submit a review on Magnum's Field Testers site, it will need to go through moderation before being displayed. Our team of moderators read every single review to ensure that they comply with our guidelines. Reviews should not contain HTML, references to other retailers, pricing, personal information, or any profane, inflammatory or copyrighted comments. Once a review is found to follow these guidelines, it is approved for display on Magnum's Field Testers site.


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