In 2013, South African ANC MP, Nic Koornhof, and Hi-Tec Sports World Wide Chairman, Frank van Wezel, met through a mutual friend.

It is well known that the plight of the much-loved Rhino in Africa has reached a critical point. According to WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) 233 Rhinos have been poached in SA in 2014. In 2013, over 1200 rhinos were poached on South African soil, with experts expecting total extinction by mid-century. Estimates are that rhino horn fetches up to $60,000/kg on Southeast Asian markets, where it is sought after as a medicine, general tonic and even an aphrodisiac. The demand for Rhino horn has increased substantially, with countless wildlife conservation organisations calling for international support and funding to improve intelligence in combating the tragedy on Africa’s horizon.

In a further effort to address the source of the problem, van Wezel has committed to using 13 million pairs of shoes as carriers for “Stop the Rhino killing” messaging using swing tags. Consumers in more than 90 countries will be motivated to play a part in saving one of the world’s most loved animals.

Says van Wezel, “Koornhof inspired me to help him in his mission to save the Rhino. I will do what I can.”

Look out for your 'Save the Rhino' shoe tag in every Magnum boot purchased from the official Magnum website. It's extremely important to Magnum that we raise customer awareness for this horrific crime against Rhinos and we share the message amongst those that can help save the Rhinos!