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  • The essential Bobby's boot
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    By Mathew 24/06/2013

    The memory of the first day of walking into the headquarters as a clueless, anxious, but excited 21 year old gets somewhat hazy after nearly 11 years, but one thing I don't forget is being in the same boat as the other 25 people in the room.
    Having been advised of the expectations of being a Police officer by various intimidating people of rank in that lecture theatre, we were given all our kit, including a pair of Police-issue Magnum Patrols. I loved these upon the first wear. I'd never worn boots prior to this point, but they were surprisingly trainer-like and supportive on the ankle. Having polished them to death for the parades at training school and gone through a few years of probation and independent patrol, the signs of wear started to show, working in an area which is equal urban, equal rural.
    As someone who is keen to experiment with products, I went around in a pair of bought PSU boots, which gave me that extra inch in height, but gave me the appearance of a stormtrooper (in a bad way).
    Then I went with another brand, this time a pair of 8-inch, lightweight boots, but they wore out on both the ankle and the balls of the feet within 18 months.
    Just when I was considering whether I should go all out and buy some premium-priced boots, I saw one of the probationers on the team was wearing a pair of Magnum Patrols and all the memories came flooding back. OK, that's a little bit too deep and soppy, but honestly, it was like an epiphany. I was reminded how fast I could run after young hoodie-wearing, baseball cap-sporting whippersnappers in them, how I could make my way across ploughed fields (I did say it was rural!) and how effortlessly I could get in and out of the area car.
    Most of all, I was reminded how comfortable they were and how light, yet utterly supportive they were.
    The value for money of these boots is fantastic. Much like many things in life, providing you look after them, they will look after you.
    Policing in the UK in the 21st century is often a tricky, thankless affair, but one of the few dependables in terms of kit, are the Magnum Patrols. Needless to say, I bought myself another pair and my need to experiment is on hold. Indefinitely.


    Fab review!! We all really enjoyed reading this, thank you :-)


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