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  • Original CEN Magnum Boots

    By Robert 26/11/2009

    I have worked within the police service for just over three years now. From the day I started I bought myself a cheap pair of magnums thinking it would just get me started until I decided where I wanted to specialise and what boot would suit me better. However, I am still wearing the same pair of boots! They are extremely comfortable and I have had no problems with them whatsoever! I was issued with a pair of boots for a difference role which I have only worn once, nothing compares to my magnums.

    It is certainly awell renowned brand and half of the people I come across within my line of work all wear magnums. If i visit security firms, 9/10 security guards also have a pair on. To have sold this many boots must mean they are doing something right.

    Unfortunately after having a few chases and rolls on the floor mine are starting to get a bit scratched so I will be investing in a new pair soon as mine don't look as smart as they used to. Fantastic boots, will certainly be sticking to magnums in the future!


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