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    By Jacob 16/04/2013

    I can write this review in one word to be honest and that would be 'Awesome!'. But that's not too helpful for you!

    So firstly I'll explain how I've been using them. I am currently a Student radiographer at University and as part of my course I work in a hospital for clinical practice. In this clinical practice I spend 11 hours on my feet each day for five days on the bounce each week. And as you can imagine there is a lot of walking about in the hospital environment and plenty of beds to run over your foot with.

    Why these boots are so good:
    After even the first day I spoke with some of my fellow students who were complaining that their feet hurt after the day on their feet. Mine didn't at all. Why? Because I had a wonderful pair of Magnum boots on and I was happy to tell my friends that my feet were so comfortable as it felt like I'd been wearing slippers all day!
    It doesn't stop there either. The boots I have are extremely durable, grippy and well designed and have saved my poor feet many a time when I've pushed a patients bed over my foot. I have worn these boots in all weathers including the recent inclement spell of snow! Not a single issue to be had with these boots whatsoever. Many of colleagues have now purchased these boots or similar due to my comments about the comfort and durability of all Magnum boots in general.

    So in conclusion, I would most definitely recommend these boots if you have to spend any kind of time on your feet. Infact you should already have bought a pair cause no other shoe/boot I have tried even matches up to these!
    Best purchase I have ever made!


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