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  • Magnum Elite Force WPi

    By Sven 23/01/2011

    I purchased a pair of Elite Force WPi's after months of waiting. Unfortunately, after two days, my right boot started leaking around the toe area. I tested it in a small pool we have at home and the water remained below the ankle line and still it seeped through. The left boot however didn't have any issues. Needless to say, I am slightly disappointed. I am hoping that a replacement pair will remedy my situation.

    Nevertheless, there are features that I really like about the boot. The innersole, which gives excellent support and cushioning as well as the Vibram outersole for superior grip. The styling is also something special, in particular the midsole. I also love the lightweight feel of the boots, which made me feel as if I was wearing slippers.

    On a negative side, the boot doesn't seem to flex forward as well as another pair of boots I own due to the design, but it does hold your ankle in place. Also, the heel rubs up pretty badly, it may be an issue of breaking them in, but I'm not sure how long it will last. In the meantime, I'm thinking of using inserts to ease the friction (this seems to be a common issue for a lot of users of this boot, just refer to Nate Cram, one of our field testers).

    Areas where I believe this boot can benefit from improvements is the following: Add in a protective toe cap, a fast rope system (I understand that the Spider range has that already, but on this boot it would be a welcome addition) and perhaps a sympatex membrane in case the Ion Mask doesn't work as it should (as in my pair). A scuff guard on the toe would be also be highly recommended.

    I intend to withhold further praise until I get a replacement pair, so until then all the best to the Magnum team and keep delivering the goods.


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