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  • hoping

    By steve 18/01/2011

    I was so sick of having wet feet all the time, I forked out £120 on these boots - a bit more than I really wanted to pay out. I use them everyday, normally in wet boggy fields. A month has past and so far so good, I really want these boots to be all that they say, waterproof being the main one. There are parts of the fields that are really wet and very boggy, I want to walk straight into it to really try out the boots but at the same time if I end up with wet feet I will feel let down and ripped off, nevertheless I will go there as the more I wear them the more faith I have in them, they are so light and comfortable it's unreal, I have never spent so much on footwear before but up to now I have no regrets at all. I love having them on and would pay the same again, that's up to now. Shall see when I am in that corner of some boggy wet field if I feel the be continued


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