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  • Wicked Boots, Just Wish They Fit!

    By Ryan 22/12/2010

    I think I must have unusual shaped feet, because the Elite Force 8 WPi eat my feet! At the back of the boot on the heel is an unforgiving and unbudging area (on the outside it's the rubber bit that says "Magnum Essential Equipment") that presses hard into my heels and takes all the skin off the back of my feet within 200 meters.

    The boots fit perfectly apart from rubbing my heel, and try as I might using different pairs of socks I just cannot seem to do anything about the rubbing as this area is utterly solid and doesn't seem to soften or get any better over time.

    I would heavily recommend finding a physical stockist and trying a pair of these on, as I bought one of the most comfortable and expensive pair of boots (if the reviews are to be believed) that Magnum offer, and to be quite honest, they're utterly useless to me because I can't wear them without developing truly nasty blisters on my feet within 20 minutes. I feel like I've completely wasted my money. I don't really understand why this section of boot does not move and is incredibly hard, and even after wearing them round the house for months they are still brutually painful to wear. I cannot even wear these to the corner shop without them hurting my feet immensely.

    Thus, I can only give them 2 out of 5 stars. I love the design, they are indeed fantastically waterproof, but they couldn't hurt my feet more if they had actual teeth, and I feel like the large amount of money I paid for these was a complete waste. I guess I'm in the minority, but it doesn't make me any less gutted that I can't wear these things.


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