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  • Another great boot from magnum

    By jonnyhal 07/12/2010

    I brought a pair of magnums wpi’s a couple of weeks after the release date as I had managed to run my last pair of magnums into the ground as I wear my boots at less two times a weeks to go running/walking rather long distances. So after looking on the magnum website and seeing that the wpi boot had just been replaced I placed my order and waited.

    When the boots first turn up it was like Christmas day, I took off the first layer of packing to find a magnum boot box the excitement was building, inside that I found my new wpi’s wrapped in a very nice magnum paper, the boots looked spot on, I was very pleased so far. Next I thought I would put the boots with through their paces with a nice 10k in the rain, the main feature I like about the wpi’s is the fact that they are waterproof - I very much enjoyed the fact that my feet where still dry and warm when I got back home. After buying these boots I thought I would have a look to see what other boots where on the market at this price, I soon realised how reasonable the price is considering how much other lesser boots are being sold for. The only way the wpi boots could be improved is if the heal of the boot was less hard to break in, but after the pain they are now very comfortable.

    Also one other product I would like to see for magnum in the future is for them to make a pair of boots as light as the spider but waterproof like the wpi’s, this would be perfect for my needs!


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