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  • Magnum Elite Force WPi 8.0

    By Pete 16/07/2010

    Hello folks,

    I decided to pop and submit another review as i have had my Elite Force boots for nearly a year now and they have been through alot. I still feel as if they are the best boot out there for general patrol and they really do feel like trainers when i am walking around.

    A number of times during the year i have had to run through fields, marsh, jump over walls, etc etc (all in a days work) and i just cant praise the boots enough. I don't want to feel as if i am walking around with large weights on my feet do i!!! Sometimes i forget i am wearing them, they feel so much like trainers.

    Another very important part of the boot is it's ability to keep the feet cool during hot summer days and the fact that they just slide off at the end of duty without having to be forced off. The Wpi technology is something which has to be seen to be believed. My colleagues can't believe when after a rainy day my boots are still dry, and i mean COMPLETELY dry. Magnum have really pushed the boat out with their research and got this absolutely spot on!!

    I will continue to wear them with pride, each and every day at work.

    Thanks Magum for such an excellent all round performance boot!!



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