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  • Magnum Ion-Mask

    By Paul 22/12/2009

    I recivied my pair of Ion Mask boots a couple of weeks ago. I obviously did the obligatory water test - just like the other reviewers videos!

    I wore them to work the next day, without breaking them in first, and without any problems!

    Over the past four weeks I have worn the Ion-Mask for all of my shifts as a paramedic, and found them exceptionally comfortable, even when driving. They have not creased as much as the patrol boots have done (even my 2nd pair with the insoles), and they have stayed clean. I have wiped them down with some warm water and a soft cloth, but have not polished them; as I dont want to damage the coating.

    If Magnum ever produce the Ion-Mask boots with a protective toe-cap, conforming to the same safety standards as the Patrol ST boot then they would be ideal for my role within the Coastguard Rescue Service.

    I will post a video review in the New Year - with any luck the weather will be awful (so I can put the boots through their paces!!!!)

    Have a Happy Christmas and enjoy the New year!!!!!


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