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  • MAGNUM Elite Force 8.0 WPi

    By Pete 03/02/2010

    Hi folks,

    Just got the great news that i am now an official Field Tester for these wonderful Magnum Elite Force WPi 8.0 and also the Shield edition. I changed over to the Magnums after doing a boot test and review for

    It was the best decision i have made. As soon as the boot comes out the box it looks extremely well made and sturdy. As soon as you put it on, your feet feel very secure, as if the boots are vacumed on! As a police officer, the fact that the boots feel secure around the feet and the ankles is extremely important for me given the fact that we often jump fences, run through fields, rugged terrain etc.

    The leather on the Elite Force WPi is also easy to polish up for any duties you perform which need your boots to be sparkling clean. It says alot for the boots also that since i put them on in September, i have not come home from work with my feet feeling wet. Totally and utterly waterproff. The only boot to buyin my opinion.



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