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  • Free Boots?? Magnum Ion-Mask

    By Gareth 20/02/2010

    I was lucky enough to be selected as an Official Field Tester and was offered a completely free pair of Magnum Ion-Mask Boots.

    I have to admit that I was a little sceptical as to why anyone was going to send me a completely free pair of boots!

    I was convinced by the nice man at Magnum, and a few days later the delivery man delivered me by brand new boots!

    1st impressions..

    A very nice looking, lightweight tactical boot. Well built, as to be expected with Magnum. I did have a slight concern, that due to their panelled leather build that they were going to be difficult to get a good polish shine on them.

    I was excited to get to work and try the boots out. I did struggle at first to get them tied to the right comfort, but after a few attempts I soon got the level and putting the boots on became second nature.

    So.. I was impressed with the boots from day one. Most definately one of the most comfortable pairs of lightweight boots I've ever worn. I've worn these boots daily at work over 10 hour shifts and have never been let down by them.

    Over the past few months we've had some extreme weather what with the floods and snow, and the Ion-Mask boots have done me proud. It's very reassuring to know that you don't have to worry about your feet getting wet, and just get on with the job.

    A few months later, and I have nothing bad to say about the boots. Arguably the best lightweight waterproof tactical boot on the market. And an important quality as a frontine officer, a quiet sole. No longer do I have to worry that when sneeking up on groups or houses that they are going to hear me coming!

    So.. The Big Question..

    Would I recommend them to my friends and colleagues?

    In a word.. Definately!

    Comfortable, Lightweight Waterproof boots that allow me to get on with the job without having to worry about avoiding puddles so that my feet don't get wet.

    And my initial concern about polishing them.. not a problem. A good sized toe box on them means that they will nicely bull up for those important Court Trials or Awards Ceremonies..


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