Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam

I was born and brought up in Wales in a town called Pontypridd, disputably the ‘home’ of Fireman Sam. Of course, as a youngster, I was always excited by big machines like tractors, planes and diggers – but fire engines were my favourite.

I was given a book about fire engines by my grandparents when I was a boy, I must have been about seven or eight years old, and in it were big illustrations of everything to do with fire engines. There were detailed diagrams of the engine that showed every pipe, filter and piston, photos showing the working of the hose and how they connected to the fire hydrants, as well as detailed descriptions of the cockpit and the driver’s seat.

That was it for me – I was hooked. I must have read that book several hundreds of times (I still flick through it occasionally) and ever since all I’d ever wanted to do was become part of the fire and rescue service. And then of course came Fireman Sam! Now, twenty odd years later, I still can’t imagine why anyone would want to do anything else. I mean, sitting behind a desk must be the most soul destroying work imaginable in my opinion.

Still, here I am, proud fireman (I’m not telling you my first name – I’ll let you guess) and glad to be out and about on my feet helping the public and not sat behind a desk. Of course, being on your feet carries a different set of risks than sitting and staring at a computer screen, and that’s why I wear the best boots on the market – Magnum Shield 8. These protect my feet from fire, water and heavy sharp objects – in fact, pretty much anything that I’ll come into contact with as a firefighter.

Let’s be honest, firefighting is not quite as glamorous as Fireman Sam or as my book makes out, but I’m a realist and was always aware of the dangerous situations in which my colleagues and I would often find ourselves. So it’s reassuring to know that when the flames of danger are ignited, we’re at least able to find quality personal equipment that will protect us from the inevitable dangers that our line of work puts us near.

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