Policing My Smelly Feet

Policing My Smelly Feet

Having worked for one of the UK’s largest police forces for nearly 15 years, I’m involved in operations on the ground that help protect the public from serious danger – however, there have been times when my feet have seriously let the squad down. Now, when you’re trying to operate covertly in what you do, smelly feet don’t exactly help matters – as you can imagine.

I needed to do something about the smelly feet problem and I wasn’t keen on going to the doctors, even though I’d been developing Athlete’s Foot on a regular basis. Because of the work I do, one of the main causes of my feet smelling is not being given the chance to take my boots off for long periods of time to let them air. I can’t go into too much detail, but my role can involve hours of surveillance followed by an order to carry out a specific task or action to produce a result, such as a high profile arrest. You just can’t take your kit off in case the order comes sooner than you expect.

Anyway, my skin would peel off regularly and the itching between my toes was often so unbearable that it would distract me from my work – and the smell, well, need I say more. A colleague recommended that I buy some Magnums because of the ion-mask(TM) coating – he told me that they’d help my feet breath, but would also keep them dry, unlike the old-fashioned stiff leather combat boots I’d been wearing for years.

So now, thanks to my Magnum Elite Force boots – I can sniff out the criminals before they can smell me!

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