The St John’s Ambulance – A Stealth Force

The St John’s Ambulance – A Stealth Force

You’ll have probably seen us so many times in your life that you’re bound to recognise our logo and the uniform that our staff members wear. The St John’s ambulance trains over 800,000 people each year to be First Aiders and is usually a highly visible presence at many outdoor events across the country, from funfairs to outdoor concerts, Christmas market and late night shopping days to natural disasters such as floods.

I’ve been part of the service for over twenty years – it’s one of the most worthwhile charities in the UK and the work we do really does save lives.

Of course, those who work or volunteer for the St John’s Ambulance Service come from many different backgrounds but in all those years I’ve spent working with them, there’s one thing that we all have in common - thriftiness.

Now, the fact that I’m highlighting thriftiness may come as quite a surprise for someone who’s obviously worked with patients who’ve fainted at the sight of Robbie Williams and who’ve needed serious resuscitation during the London Marathon, but the thing is, whilst knowledge, experience and stamina are all really important qualities for St John’s and whilst we all need to be caring and duty-bound, we also all recognise that the service within which we work is a charity. And, for that reason alone, we’re proud of the extraordinary service we provide using the tightest of budgets.

Part of thriftiness comes down to making the best choices with the money we have available. Now, even though I buy my own clothing and footwear for when I’m actively on-duty, I still hold the thriftiness maxim dear. So to me, it makes little sense to buy the cheapest items if they’re not the best. My Magnum Stealth boots (which the St John’s Ambulance recommends) are not the cheapest, but they are the best quality in my opinion. Not only that, they are safe, strong and resistant to virtually anything that you can throw at them – including dangerous blood borne diseases.

At my time of life (I’m retired; that’s all you need to know) I don’t want to be worrying about getting my feet wet or developing blisters. I just want to concentrate on my patients and being of assistance to the public. Anyway, that’s what I’m here for and the day I can’t do these things I can assure you that it won’t be the boots that stop me, in which case, I shall be passing my Magnum boots to someone else!

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