How to: Clean, Condition and Waterproof Your Boots


Finding that perfect, out-of-box comfortable pair of boots is hard enough on its own. But then you have to submit them to hours of wear and tear, gruelling activities and harsh environments. So to help them withstand the elements and keep your feet protected and dry for a long time, you need to take a few steps.


Cleaning Suede & Leather Boots

Clean your boots if you’ve already worn them. To clean suede or fabric portions of your boots, use a brush to get rid of any dust, without scrubbing to avoid damage. For leather, use a clean cloth with a little detergent dissolved in water. Saddle soap is also a good option for extra grimy boots. After cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and let them air dry at room temperature.

Conditioning Leather Boots

Since full-grain leather is skin at its base, you will need to condition your boots after cleaning. Professional boots oils and conditioning products are of course great options, but so are mink oil and Neatsfoot oil. However, Neatsfoot oil darkens the boots’ colour, so it is best suited for black boots. To help the leather absorb the conditioner, give your boots a little workout and wear them around indoors. This step is crucial in taking care of your boots, as conditioning will maintain your footwear’s flexibility and durability in time, and will prevent the leather from cracking and flaking.

Waterproofing boots

After conditioning your boots, it’s time to waterproof them. This can be done again either with professional waterproofing sprays or creams or with something as simple as wax or a leather boot silicone. Just work the product into your boots, let it dry/absorb and then wipe and polish the boots with a clean dry cloth.


Magnum has a wide variety of waterproof boots that will keep your feet dry without any additional waterproofing measures. Furthermore, many of our products have a coating of i-shield, which is stain resistant and repels water and dirt. However, all boots need at least regular cleaning and conditioning so they can keep serving you well year after year.