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  • Strike Force or not ?

    By Valeriano 09/12/pm

    Yes Strike Force or not ? Why this idea ? yes you have to buy one.

    I decided some time ago to change boots, I have been wearing different models, from hinking to classic models. A friend of mine who is in the security field told me to use Magnum boots. I was first a bit reluctant to use them as they were maybe not sold in my country (Switzerland).

    I went first through the net and found in an auction site a pair of Strike Force II 8.0 in an affordable price in my size (half size bigger in fact). I received them some time later and I can say that they are really confortable. They were not used before.

    I can use them for anything. Recently I went to a concert wearing this, while people just wearing other models were suffering after some time standing up or just walking around, from my side nothing.

    I helped as well recently a friend for a festival. I used them of course, so nothing to say 8 hours with them, no killing feet as they are hurting.

    I can also say that they are confortable, waterproof (rained during the festival) and breathable.

    It rained at this time and my feet did not get wet at all. Normally after rain come mud in festival field, mud was there of course on the boots, but it came off very easily.

    I am very happy to use them, for anything when I am not working, except sport of course.

    So if you want a pair of boot that can last, more or less undestroyable, good for wet weather (or even snow), buy a pair, they are great.


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