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    By Andy 25/06/pm

    Had these boots now for a month for work as a dog walker and for cadets. I wear the boots from 8 - 6, 5 days a week. I did use to own Strike Force II 8.0 (not for work) and found them a bit loose (read other review)

    I have used them in the heat as well as the rain, they have performed well in both. In the heat my feet have not been too hot and at the end of the day my feet have not been too sweaty. In the rain my feet have stayed dry and walking though puddles they have not been drenched.

    Like all previous Magnum boots I have owned, they do not need breaking in and not had any blisters. They are comfortable and unlike Gor-tex lined boots they are light.

    The lace up system at the bottom leaves the boots a bit loose (like previous review). As the back slopes down it does feel weird at first but then it does make it more comfortable.

    These boots do 5-8 miles a day and don't let me down.


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