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  • Comfort / Functionality... Perfect 10/10


    Unlike the RD shirt, Magnum nailed these pants. The material is lightweight, and flexible, the pockets are innovative and easy to use, and the knees... Ver más

  • Sooo many pockets!


    Built like a tank, lots of storage, ventilated... now what do I use it for? I haven't really had a ton of chances to wear this shirt yet, but with... Ver más

  • Wait...It's a Hi-Viz Jacket Too!?!


    I've been wearing this jacket in any weather I could find for the last couple months. I've found a couple things that I would have constructed... Ver más

  • A Decade and Counting!


    I've owned these boots since they were known as the 'Storm' Series. They're going on just over a decade at this point, and they're still my 'go to'... Ver más

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  • Exponentially Better Every Time...


    It seems that every couple of years with each new pair of Magnum boots I buy, the get exponentially better while Magnum grows further technologically... Ver más

  • Need a boot that will...? Magnum's got that.


    From athletic work dress (EMT), to the woods, and everything in between; Magnum's got a boot for that. But the best testimonial I can offer up, is... Ver más

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Fire Service
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I am a paid on call fire fighter, and a full time paramedic. I love my work, and giving my all is very important to me; with that, comes a need for gear that provides the very best.
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